Out of a love for nature and a passion for action, the Green Soul brand was born. With an approach full of commitment, consistency and heart, we have built the foundation of the brand to share what is most precious and what we believe in.

Green Soul’s business aims to spread healthy and organic products made from hemp, and provide the highest quality CBD extracts that heal and help people feel better. We want to spread public awareness about CBD products. Until now, this miracle plant – hemp – has too often been demonised, and its beneficial effects on many parts of the human body have been downplayed or even ignored.

The CBD business has been consistently misrepresented. In Green Soul, we believe that in a world full of competitors who hide behind poor quality products, it is necessary to meet the expectations of customers by offering a product that will delight them and is available to everyone.

What sets us apart is our mission and promise to never misrepresent the facts. Through laboratory testing and a certified range of products, we pride ourselves on the unquestionable quality and transparency of what we sell.

The products we showcase in our shop are wisely selected so that you can enjoy a first-class purchase. These are products made with the
utmost care and attention to detail.

Green Soul offers the power to build human relationships in harmony with nature, offering an honest and beautiful product.

The  Green Soul brand  is very close to our hearts, because it was created out of a determination to make dreams come true and the great idea to give people well-being, healing their pain and soul. We are people with passion. We focus on every little detail. We are constantly looking for inspiration, we talk, but we also listen carefully.

We are responsible and aware of the world around us.

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