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The Crafty+ is a much improved successor to the Crafty, considered one of the best portable vaporizers ever made. The Crafty+ generates the same good vapour, heats up quicker and provides longer run times on a single charge.

Like its predecessor, the Crafty+ vaporizer allows you to control all functions via a smartphone mobile app. The Crafty+ will satisfy even the most advanced users. Manufactured 100% in Germany.

Here’s what’s new with the Crafty+ :

30% faster heating Improved casing material Improved battery life Super Boost Mode Warranty 2 years + third additional year upon registration on the manufacturer’s website.

The Crafty+ in the latest 2021 version has been improved over its predecessor and features USB-C and fast charging. Additionally, it has a ceramic coated heating chamber for even better vapour quality and flavour.

Crafty+ heats up faster, reducing waiting time. The battery lasts longer on a single charge. Another new feature is the Super-Boost mode – by quickly pressing the switch 3 times the Crafty+ will heat up to the highest temperature available, 210 degrees Celsius.

The Crafty+ vaporizer has a mouthpiece embedded in a cooling unit that cools the vapour to the perfect temperature. So if you prefer to inhale at a low temperature, this is the perfect choice. The vaporizer produces deep vapour even at low temperatures. If you love your vapour at a high temperature, you’re in the right place because the Crafty+ produces cool and non-irritating vapour even at its highest setting.

The Crafty+ Vaporizer has just one button which is used to operate all the functions. From the device, we have access to 3 temperature settings – the default setting (180 degrees Celsius), Booster mode (195 degrees) and Super-Boost mode (210 degrees).

These 3 settings are completely sufficient for inhalation. But if you use the app, you’ll have access to the exact temperature and battery level to choose from. Operating the Crafty+ – with or without the app – is simple and even complete beginners will have no problem at all. Thanks to the combination of convection and induction heating (hybrid heating system), vaporization takes place extremely evenly and there is no need to stir the chamber during inhalation.

The taste and quality of the vapour is on a par with convection vaporizers, which offer the best quality of vapour. It is safe to say that the Crafty+ Vaporizer is a device that will not disappoint even the true connoisseurs.

The Crafty+’s battery has a capacity of 3500 mAh and allows for longer operation on a single charge.

All in all, the Crafty + is one of the best vaporizers available on the market.


-Crafty+ Vaporizer

– USB charging cable

– concentrate vaporization pad

– dosing capsule

– a set of spare seal

– a set of spare stainers

– user manual

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