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The OmniVap 2021 Vaporizer is DynaVap’s most advanced vaporizer, dedicated to users looking for the absolute highest quality. OmniVap 2021 offers a new, intriguing design and performs even better than its predecessors. It is also extremely efficient and economical.

The new OmniVap 2021 is only available in one version with a length of 109 mm. The OmniVap is almost 100% made of premium titanium, making it extremely durable yet very lightweight. The chamber holds approximately 0.1g of herbs. By twisting the mouthpiece you will be able to adjust the density of the vapour. The vaporizer allows for any preferences and needs of the user.

Practically everything has changed – the tip, the element with the heating chamber, now has 9 cooling fins, divided into 3 sections. This allows for more efficient heat dissipation and less heat build-up in the housing. The heating chamber itself now has deeper notches and its entire outer surface is contoured, which provides freer airflow and better convection heating. The condenser has also received a new design, which now has a spiral shape, which, combined with the thermal properties of titanium, allows for evaporative cooling at levels not previously possible. The outer casing has also changed – it has new grooves responsible for a more secure grip, a double, completely redesigned air intake and a new Rocker – the element responsible for keeping the OmniVap in the right position.

The OmniVap is an analogue vaporizer that is at the top end of the market today. With its small size and extreme efficiency, the extraction of all the active ingredients from your herbs has never been so high. The OmniVap also produces fascinating and clean clouds of vapour, which are very well cooled.


– OmniVap 2021 Vaporizer

– wooden case

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