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The Flip Brick Vaporizer is a fully convection butane vaporizer that is mounted on a water pipe. It produces great tasting, high quality vapour.

The water filtration makes the vapour extra cool and gentle, making inhaling very comfortable. If you’re a water pipe lover, the Flip Brick vaporizer is for you.

Like other vaporizers from Sticky Brick Labs, the Flip Brick vaporizer is made from beautiful, fine wood and durable borosilicate glass.

The Flip Brick is very simple to operate. The device has no batteries or electronic components and uses hot air to heat the dry herbs, which is heated by a burner before entering the dry food chamber.

The burner flame is directed at a glass nozzle through which air is drawn into the device. The hot air enters the drying chamber, which causes intensive steam generation.

The vaporization technique is very simple and works on the water pipe principle. The FlipBrick delivers intense, thick vapour within seconds of heating up.

The quality of the vapour produced by the Flip Brick is incredible. The vapour is incredibly flavoursome and smooth, and the water filtration cools the vapour perfectly. The Flip Brick needs only 0.15g of herb.

In order to work properly, the Flip Brick Vaporizer requires a water pipe (not included) in which you remove the stem and make the glass tube underwater independent – only then, when you remove the stem and replace it with the Flip Brick Vaporizer, will the vapour be guided underwater.


– Flip Brick Vaporizer

– 14.5 mm adapter

– adapter 18.8 mm

– jet-flame burner (no gas)

– spare strainers (6 pcs.)

– steel stirrer for dry ingredients

Additional information

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 11 cm


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