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The Mighty Vaporizer is recognised as the best portable vaporizer and no wonder – it generates vapour of the absolute best quality, density and intensity. Precise temperature regulation with an accuracy of 1 degree and a unique vapour cooling system make the Mighty satisfy even the most demanding users.

The device is quite large, but its capabilities compensate for this to a large extent. Each unit is 100% manufactured in Germany.

Mighty Vaporizer is made very carefully and is constructed from the best materials, completely safe for health.

The device is equipped with a 30V heater, which allows you to inhale the vapour in every possible way. The inhalation system is extremely intuitive and simple, and the taste, intensity and density of the vapour is very impressive. Only desktop vaporizers can match the Mighty in this aspect.

The Mighty has a hybrid heating system that ensures the maximum amount of active ingredients are vaporised. The chamber holds around 0.25g of dryness, but if you use the dosing capsules included in the kit, you will only need around 0.15g to inhale.

As well as a capacious battery, the Mighty also has an LCD screen to indicate the temperature and buttons to reduce the temperature from 40 – 210 degrees Celsius, allowing you to vaporise all herbs.

It comes with a pad for vaporizing concentrates as well as a special device for filling the chamber to prevent herbs from spilling when filling. A grinder is also included.

The Mighty has a larger battery capacity and a much faster heat-up, giving it a big advantage over its smaller brother the Crafty. The Mighty now has a 20% larger battery. Charging time is approximately 2 hours. The Mighty allows you to vaporize, even while charging.

The Mighty Vaporizer is a really great piece of equipment that will satisfy the most discriminating users and positively surprise them with its build quality and amazing vapes.


– Mighty Vaporizer

– charger

– dosing capsule

– cleaning brush

– Volcano grinder

– chamber filling tool

– set of spare strainers and gaskets

– primer for vaporizing concentrates

– user manual

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Dimensions 13 × 9 × 25 cm


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