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The PAX 3 Vaporizer, like its predecessors, is characterised by modern style, incredible vapour quality and a discreet appearance.

The PAX 3 Vaporizer is a must have for all vaporization fans – it produces great quality vapour and is very small and handy.

The improvements made to the PAX 3 Vaporizer are significant, although in appearance, the vaporizer differs little from the previous version.

What distinguishes it from the outside is a different way of polishing the aluminium case – it is now polished quite smoothly, which makes it look very elegant.

Pax 3 heats up in just 16 seconds, which is excellent.

As soon as it reaches the set temperature, it vibrates to let you know.

You can use Pax 3 via the mobile app, which allows you to freely adjust the temperature, choose the inhalation mode and play a dedicated game. This is unprecedented in other devices.

The PAX 3 Vaporizer is a session condensation vaporizer, which means that it vaporizes herbs by heating them in a metal heating chamber. It is recommended to use the entire contents in one session. The Pax 3, thanks to its mouthpiece sensor, does not heat up constantly but only when it detects your lips on the mouthpiece.

When the mouthpiece is not on the mouthpiece, the heating chamber starts to cool down slowly, which saves material.

When a mouthpiece is detected on the mouthpiece, the temperature starts to rise quickly. The second solution, intelligent heating control, works on a similar principle.

It is based on a gyroscope which detects when the vaporiser is not being used (e.g. after it has been placed on a table) and then the temperature in the chamber begins to fall.

When you pick up the vaporizer again, the temperature quickly rises and returns to the correct level for optimum vaporization.

PAX 3 has only one button, which is hidden under the mouthpiece. To press it, simply press the centre of the mouthpiece.

With the PAX 3, thanks to the Half-Pack lid, which allows you to fill the chamber only half full, you don’t necessarily need to use a lot of herbs.

The Half-Pack lid is part of the Complete Kit.

Pax 3 also has an insert for the concentrate chamber.

The PAX 3 Vaporizer communicates with the user via 4 LEDs, arranged in a characteristic X, which is also the PAX logo.

These LEDs light up in different colours and in different configurations, informing about the most important parameters such as the set vaporization temperature (there are four settings to choose from and a fifth that can be defined from the app level), the battery charge level, the warm-up of the device to the set temperature and the readiness to start vaporising.

Also included in the kit is a great magnetic mini-charger , so you can charge the vaporizer in the field or anywhere else.

Complete kit:

– PAX 3 Vaporizer

– mini-charger

– flat mouthpiece

– convex mouthpiece

– cartridge for concentrates

– half-pack lid

– regular lid

– cleaning kit

– vaporizer case

– PAX tool

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Dimensions 13 × 6 × 14 cm


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